Mikrotik: RouterOS v6.11 rilasciato

Il 20 marzo 2014 Mikrotik ha rilasciato la versione 6.11 del suo sistema operativo per router (RouterOS), le nuove funzionalità aggiunge/rimosse sono:

  • ipsec – fix aes-cbc hardware acceleration on CCR with key sizes 192 and 256;
  • wireless – add auto frequency feature;
  • ovpn – fixed TLS renegotiation;
  • ovpn – make bridge mode work with big packets (do not leave extraneous padding);
  • ovpn – fixed require-client-certifcate;
  • ppp – revert RADIUS NAS-Port behaviour, report tunnel interface id;
  • ppp – mppe encryption together with mrru locked the router;
  • dhcp – added support for DHCP option 138 – list of CAPWAP IPv4 servers;
  • quickset – added Guest Network setup to Home AP mode;
  • console – no longer required to supply value of ‘/routing bgp instance vrf’ property ‘instance’ for ‘add’ command;
  • ethernet – added option to enable rx/tx flow control (will be disabled by default);
  • ethernet – added ability to specify advertised modes for copper ports;
  • fixed 100% cpu usage on CCRs;
  • ssl – not finding CRL in local store for any certificate in trust chain will cause connection to fail;
  • lte – support for Huawei ME609 and ME909u-521;

L’aggiornamento è scaricabile gratuitamente, se la licenza in possesso lo consente, dal seguente link (http://www.mikrotik.com/download).

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